Mwosa Brings NFT’s to Independent Creators on DIGTIVL.COM

2 min readDec 15, 2021


The first NFT to be launched and promoted through DIGITVL is from founder Mwosa.

To create hype and funding for his third studio project “Reach 2” he is selling NFTs for his singles that are going to be on the album as NFTs.

But these are not just ordinary NFTs — but NFTs with a real utility on the DIGITVL platform.

With this release, Mwosa intends to release every single on his upcoming album as an NFT — which will allow users who hold onto the NFTs to earn royalties from the music sales as well as opt into special functions upcoming on the DIGITVL platform.

Some of the special features are the ability to send tweets, feature music and extend your upload time on the platform.

DIGITVL has decided to use the ALGORAND blockchain in order to facilitate it’s integration into blockchain.

Algorand is a green friendly blockchain with very low transaction fees, allowing any and everyone to benefit from using NFTs.

Currently there are over 100 users holding digitvl assets built on Algorand.

You can purchase Mwosa’s “End Is Coming” NFT from the upcoming Reach 2 album here.

Expect more NFTs to be released from this album in the coming weeks.





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